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November 2019
EU Server:

New Update February !

Time : 2018-02-07 21:52

Dear players,

This is the details of the weekly maintenance:

1. Added Soul Spinel, Refining and Training features in Mount Equipment System. Unlocks at Lv. 47.
2. Added Mysterious Treasure Feature. Unlocks at Lv. 47.
3. Optimized the Bag. Now there are 5 categories in the Bag - All, Gem, Card, Chest and Others.
4. Added Hero Dungeon button in Tavern.
5. Optimized HP displays in Battle. The buff and debuff icons will now appear next to the character's HP.
6. Response Bug fixed: Double clicking on Artifact Shard and Hero Evolve Crystal in the Bag will no longer jump to the Hero Evolving interface.