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EU Server:

Maintenance 19/09/2017

Time : 2017-09-17 22:45

Dear players,

A maintenance of the game will be performed the 19/09/2017.

During the maintenance servers will be unavailable.

The maintenance will start at 5:30AM

Content of the maintenance:

  1. 1. Added Armor System. Players can activate the Armor to use Awaken Skill in battles.

  2. 2. Added Armor Dungeon.

  3. 3. Players can select the Image of the Activated Heroes and Dragons as their Character Image.

  4. 4. Added Smelt Function.

  5. 5. Added One-click Blitz Function in the Arena.

  6. 6. Players can double click to synthesize the Shards into the Cards.

  7. 7. Added Essence Seed in the Farm Shop.

  8. 8. Added a Title in the Lv. 30 Farm and the Lv. 60 Farm.

  9. 9. he Notice of claiming the Quest Rewards would be optimized: When players can claim the Quest Rewards, there would be a red

  10. 10. Exclamation Point on the Faction Icon, the tab “My Clan” and the button “Quest”.

  11. 11. The failed Faction in the Sunday’s Faction Battle would not get BUFF.

  12. 12. Bug Fixed: In the EXP Trial Dungeon, the animation of the enemy Skill 3 and Skill 5 is inconsistent with the character’s gender.


We apologize for the inconvenience.