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September 2020
EU Server:

Weekly Maintenance 03/04/2018

Time : 2018-04-02 19:44
Dear players,

The weekly maintenance will be proceed the 03rd April 2018.

Start of the maintenance: 10:30 am
End of the maintenance expected: 12:30 am

During the maintenance servers will be unavailable.

Details of the maintenance:

1.Rewards adjustment:
Adjusted 7-days Login, Level Pack, Lucky Wheel, Carnival and Weekly Card Rewards.
2.Added new hero shards to shop, and restricted Exchange Chances.
Unlocked Resources: Green Ray, Blade Tiger, and Shiny Armor.
3.Changed the description of reward chances in Multi-player Dungeon.
4.Unlocked Cross-Server Boss.
5.Unlocked Pet.
6.Added new event: Glorious Return.
7.Optimized Carnival: Added multi-level rewards in Daily Ranking. 
8.Optimized Hall: Added refresh button to Multi-player Dungeon and Arena.
9.Optimized Marriage: Added a teleport link/ button in Wedding Blessing.
10.Optimized Relic:
(1) Some Skills will be shown with Icons, Levels and Tips.
(2) Added display of Rune Dust amount in Crest tips.
(3) 6 new Relics will be shown when turning pages.
11.Optimized notice: Changed the notice into a little red dot on the features when they need to be upgraded.
12.Prestige won’t be limited by level.
13.Changed the time of Holy Blessing into 10: 30-11: 00.
14.Changed the time of 2nd Round World Boss into 22: 30-23: 00.

Good game for all and don't forget to join the community on Discord for more fun and rewards ! 

Discord link: https://discord.gg/zMEYnDN