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July 2020
EU Server:

Weekly Update 19/03/2019

Time : 2019-03-18 11:36

Dear players,

The weekly update of the game will be proceed the 19/03

Start of the update: 8:30 AM
End of the update: 10:30 AM

During the update, servers will be unavailable.

Content: Infinite War

Requirement: Lv. 50
1. You don’t need to sign up for it. Enter to match opponents when it starts. Each room contains 100 players.
2. It is a strategic feature . The Base summons Minions to attack enemy Outposts and Base. Players need to attack Minions and Outposts. Bosses will be refreshed automatically. The Base will send elite monsters after you defeat bosses.
3. Spend Points to improve Outposts and Base Durability. Defeat enemies or enemy Outposts to receive Points. Spend Points to upgrade Tech in the Base. Upgrade ATK, DEF and HP to increase Minions’ ATK, Outposts’ Durability and Minions’ max HP.
4. Break the enemy’s Base to win.
Rewards: King Crests and Limited Mounts