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October 2019
EU Server:

Weekly Update 16/04/2019

Time : 2019-04-15 09:07

Dear players,

The weekly update of the game will be proceed the 16/04

Start of the update: 9:30 AM
End of the update: 11:30 AM

Content of the update:

1. Dragon Mirage Realm
Unlocks at: Lv. 28
1. Players who have joined Clans can enter during 20:30 to 21:00.
2. There are 10 floors. Players will be ranked based on the clearance time. Top 5 players in the ranking will receive rewards, including all members of the same Clan.
3. Random events: Teleporting, Quiz, Guard (Keys are dropped from monsters), Chest.
4. There are 4 teleport doors: One of them will make you advance 1 floor, two of them will teleport you to the previous floor and the one left will teleport you to the same floor.
Rewards: Clan Boss Feeding Material

2. Mount Race
Unlocks at: Lv. 69
Number of players: Timely Event
1. Players will be matched to fight with each other. The Multi-Arena that starts from Friday to Sunday is replaced by Mount Race.
2. Players need to follow the route.
3. Players will receive items. Item effect: Speedup yourself, slow down opponent, petrify opponent and immune to a debuff once.
4. Activate and use Equitation Skills to win. Click the specified button to use Equitation Skills: ↑, ↓, ← and →
5. Mounts’ Mood affect items’ effect. (Speedup and slow down)

3. Now Cross-server Boss won’t receive less DMG when its HP is low.

4. Fixed the bug that makes Bag Sort button in Treasure Hunting invalid.

5. Fixed the display bug in Love War and Everlasting Battle.

6. Now players can use Dragon Covenant when digging in the Free Highland.

7. Fixed the bug that shows not enough space in your bag when you use Blessed Augment or dissolve Blessed Augment for 100 times and then use unidentified Blessed Augment.

8. Optimized Treasure Draw:
a) Now players can skip the animation.
b) Added “Quick Treasure Hunt”.

9. Optimized Farm:
a) Added “Quick Grow”. Now players can spend ambers to grow crops at once.
b) Added “Harvest All”, “Quick Weed”, “Quick Fumigate”, “One-click Steal Crops” and “One-click Revive”.

10. Optimized Equipment Enhancement: Lower level Equipment will be enhanced first when using Auto Enhance function.

11. Now Vice Leader can kick players out.