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January 2020
EU Server:

Weekly Update 21/05/2019

Time : 2019-05-20 11:32

Dear players,

The weekly update of the game will be proceed the 21/05.

Start of the update: 9:30 AM
End of the update: 11:30 AM

During the update, servers will be unavailable.

System Optimization

1. Timely Event Adjustment
Cross-server Arena: Saturday/Sunday 10:30
Dragon Mirage Realm: 15:30
World Boss Round 2: 19:00
Holy Blessing: 9:30
2. Optimized Growth Contest Ranking.
3. Now you can check the time in Dragon Catacombs and Battlefield Interface.

Bug Fixed

1. Fixed the display bug that made the Farm EXP message show in Chinese when there were only weeds and players used Quick Weed in farm.
2. Fixed the display bug that made no message show when there was only one plant and players used Quick Weed in farm.
3. Fixed the bug that made the Feature Interface show up before Immortals' Rest Battle ends.
4. Now you don't need to flip in Immortals' Rest when battles end.
5. Now you can upgrade Talent Level by upgrading each Talent.
6. Now Daily Quest Timed Events are sorted in order.