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Guide : Dragon system,dragon elements and resistance. By Kirin

Time : 2020-03-29 10:35

Dragon system,dragon elements and resistance.

In Dragon awaken fantasy and allies are waiting for you .Your main ally is your dragon.Myth says the wolrd is threaten by legendary dragons.But not all dragons are enemies.

You  will be able to tame and train your own dragon.You will be surprised from their last transformation !

General Guide

 Game brings to you six dragons.Each one belongs to a different element.Every element is strong or weak against another.

Dragons gain levels through dragon dust.Main source of dragon dust is dragon  catacombs.Their max level is 100 but you will be able see their last transformation on lvl 80.Dragon dust also drops all over the game by completing simple tasks like killing mobs in wilds,dragon invasion  or doing dungeons.

 You can boost your dragons with dragon souls ,through them they gain stats :dragon rage,critical ,rage recover and anti-resistance stats.Dragon souls are available on faction shop and champion shop.They also drop random from time chests.You can find them by refreshing the lucky shop and of course on regular events the game gives .

 You can evolve their spirit through spirit evolve crystals,max level is 25.Each lvl of evolvement allows you to upgrade the doom,light,rage and divine spirit.Upgrading their spirit allows you to have more bonuses in dragon possesion.You can set a dragon possesion on your main hero and on each one of your allies heroes.Spirit evolve crystals are available in dragon catacombs and on ultimate dungeon.

 You can evolve your dragons through dragon evolve crystal.Max lvl is 25 .Evolve the dragon in order to get their max talent .Possesed unit can acquire the talent.Dragon evolve crystals are available on dragon dungeon,chests that drop from dragon invasion,lucky shop and random game events.

 Upgrade your dragon's  heart.All dragons have the same dragon heart training system.All stats will be added to the possesion.You can gain dragon's core through element catacombs.

 Dragon essence are important in order to build your resistance .You can get normal hoes ,max number 20 from exchange shop through bravery seals.All dragons have the same essence system .

 Dragon fame is gained by killing enchanted dragons.Upgrade dragon fame to gain anti resistance stats and the specific attack depending on which element you use.Join demonic dragon battle on dragon invasion in order to get dragon contribution and dragon crest .

You can easy join dragon invasion by clicking the dragon invasion icon.There you can also see the time the dragons respawn.

A closer look

  So the question is which dragon do I train first ?Game as you land gives you a flame whelp but is in your choice which one you will start train first.Is higly recommended you start with one and make it your main,since is a long task to complete.

 ~ Every dragon has its own habitat.~


   Main characteristic is its ability to reduce enemy's defences.

      Skill:Deals fire damage ,chance to reduce enemy's defences,chance to increase enemy's  

      received damage

.     Halo:All units in formation deal fire attack

      Talent :Each round has chance to increase all allies attack.


     Main characteristic is its ability to reduce enemy's pierce

       Skill:Deals earth damage ,chance to reduce enemy's pierce rate,chance to petrify enemies

       Halo:All units in formation deal earth attack.

       Talent:Each round has chance to increase all allies block rate.


  Main characteristic is its ability to reduce enemy's resilience

      Skill:Deals wind damage ,chance to increase enemy's chances to receive critic damage ,chance       

      to cause chaos to enemy.

      Halo:All units in formation deal wind attack .

      Talent:Each round has a chance to increase all allies critical damage.


 Main characteristic is its ability to reduce enemy's rage

       Skill:Deals ice damage,chance to reduce enemy's rage,chance to forbid enemy to receive rage

       Halo:All units in formation deal ice attack

       Talent:Each round has a chance to increase all allies defense  


 Main characteristic is its ability to reduce enemy's attack

       Skill:Deals light damage ,chance to reduce enemy's attack

       Halo:All units in fromation deal light attack

       Talent: Each round there is a chance to restore all allies health points


 Main characteristic is its ability to  reduce healing

      Skill:Deals dark damage,chance to reduce enemy's healing effect,chance to silence enemy

      Halo: All units in formation deal dark damage

      Talent:Each round there is chance to increase all allies damage

Notice that all dragons have buff,dragonic heritage and dragonic bond.Once you max the buff your dragon gains rage much more easier.Rage on dragon is important,the faster your dragon storage power the better,it can cast skill more often.


 The flame whelp comes with fire as element.Its final transformation is Inferno Goddess.Has very low ice resist while has high wind resist.If you choose this dragon as your main,be sure to upgrade your ice resistance.

 The rock whelp comes with earth as element.Its final transformation is Rock Goddess.Has very low resistance to wind and is strong against ice.If you choose this dragon be sure you boost your wind resistance.

The tornado whelp comes with wind as element.Its final transformation is Tornado Goddess.Has very low resistance on fire while is strong against earth element.If you choose this dragon be sure to upgrade your fire resistance first.

The frost whelp comes with ice as element.Its final transformation is Frost Goddess.Has very low resistance on earth element while is strong against fire.If you choose this dragon be sure to boost your earth resistance.

The light whelp comes with light as element.Its final transformation is Light Goddess.Has very low resistance on dark but is strong against two elements :fire and ice.Be sure to upgrade your dark resistance in case you want this dragon as main.

The dark whelp comes with dark as element.Its final transformation is Dark Goddess.Has very low resistance on light but is strong against two elements :earth and wind.You need good light resistance if you train this dragon as main.

    In order to build resistance you need dragon essence.Resistance reduce stats of damage.Every dragon has anti resistance stats,this is dragon's chance to skip part of enemy's resistance so  the greater the better.A tip,since deity feature unlocks after your dragon hits level 80,will add attack

on your dragon and in the same time the specific element resistance,so skip from start synthesize the main dragon's resistance gem.

Enchant cards system

Another system that adds on your resistance is the enchant cards system.While you kill enemies in the wilds,they may drop enchant cards.Once you equip the cards you get specific and basic stats.All stats are about the elements attack and elements resistant.Your weapon will gain elements attack,while your armor and accessory will gain resistance on elements.Notice that all stats the system gives can be stuck.

Once your cards get level 11 you can activate the enchantment combo,the cards gain level through engulfing the same type of card.You need socket 3 level 11 cards on the same part of your equipment in order to activate the combo.After level 10 you need enchantment stones in order to level up your cards which are available through recharge.Choose wise the cards you will equip according to your main dragon.You can always swap the cards and change them depending on the element your enemy has,specially on player versus enviroment tasks.The combo that activates gives stats on your hero, boosting its battle rate.


So what will you choose?Are you building a tank,a striker or a balanced character ?



By Kirin