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August 2020
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Tips, Combo and Tricks ! By Hecate

Time : 2020-04-01 21:29

Pet Charm

Here we have a guide for all , about Pet Charm to get from bidding in Cross Server Boss for Amethist.

First we start with the Charms , wich are 9  in complet:

- Piercieng Charm   : blue-normal / orange -medium / red - elite

- Ironwall Charm     : blue-normal / orange -medium / red - elite

- Inspiring Charm    : blue - normal / orange -medium / red - elite

- Strength Charm    : blue - normal / orange -medium / red - elite

- Ferocity  Charm    : blue - normal / orange -medium / red - elite

- Resilient Charm    : blue - normal / orange - medium / red - elite

- Shattering Charm : blue-normal / orange - medium / red - elite

- Defence Charm    : blue - normal / orange - medium / red - elite

- Protection Charm: blue-normal/ orange - medium / red - elite

To unlock one spot in Pet Equipment  you need Charmdrills , you can buy them in Shop for 20 Ambers per Drill.

You just can ones socket  one explicide Charm , means you can only ones set an Crit Charm in , not 2 or 3 ! Same of course for the other Charms too^^

Maxed-out level for one Charm is level 60 . Furtermore  look closley wich Charm you want to use  because every Charm have they own stats tho,

Enchantment Combo

Enchantment Combo: to activate this Combo you have to get for each Gear , like Sword, Gauntles  ect one full Set from this pice of equipment  example ( sword:Earthen might Card , Lightning Card, Mystic Card )  of 3 cards level 11. Means 8 Gear pices / each gear piece needs 3 level 11  enchantment Cards . Per 1 Enchantment stone to upgrade 1 Card needs 1k Ambers . The enchantment Stones are only avible in Events.

Ancient Weapon

You can get the Ancient Weapon by using the Ancient Crystals (Purple) to draw one of the Weapons in the Ancient weapon tab, But with the crystals you only get 1 draw. When you get 10 draws with the Ancient Crystal you will get 1 Red Ancient Heart and with this you are able to get 1 Ancient weapon. The source to get these Ancient Crystals or the Ancient Heart are in Events like the Exchange event or the Recharge Events. Although the Ancient Weapon is only useable for players who have managed to unlock the Legendary 7 star hero Odin. Although to unlock Odin you need 4 of the 6 Star heroes, Pandora, Hades, Fairy Queen and Poseidon. So please think carefully before you think about spending Diamonds or Ambers for the Ancient heart or the Ancient Crystal to unlock the Ancient Weapon.

By Hecate