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[Guide] Dragon Armor - By Kirin

Time : 2020-04-18 10:02


Divinity punishment



Six elements,six powerful armors for each one, blessed by the 12 signs of the zodiac!

 Are you ready to punish the enemy with divine power?



Dragon Armor


You reached level 32?Nice ,now time  has come for you to awake your armor.


  You can start unlock this legendary equipment by joining the battle on player versus enviroment dungeon :armor dungeon.Click on materials dungeon interface to find it.You can challenge it every day and after you claim checkpoints you can blitz it daily.

 First checkpoint gives you directly 6 shards of the fire armor.Is the first you activate and you can watch the video.Rest are to follow,rock,wind,ice,light and dark dragon armor,all of them with their videos .You need six shards of each one  in order to activate it.Every checkpoint after the first ,gives you only one shard, and since you need 6 of each armor means you need claim rewards from  31 checkpoints.


       Every checkpoint gets harder as you continue in the dungeon but you get stronger also.

 Notice the element your enemy has,wise change your enchantement cards so you get the right resistance.At this point remember how the elements work :fire is strong against wind and weak against ice,earth is strong against ice and weak against wind,wind is strong against earth and weak against fire,ice is strong against fire and weak against earth,light is strong against fire and ice and weak against dark,dark is strong against earth and wind and weak against light.


 Arrange your heroes in  order that your dragon gains rage, so makes faster damage.Remember that your dragon accumulates rage every time one of your heroes attack.


 In dragon awaken you can choose the skill you want to use.You can heal,tank or deal damage.Choose the skill you need for each checkpoint and always remember that enemy has great area of affect after a couple of turns so here comes why is important you have a good block rate .


  How to get a good block rate ?At this player level only astrals and gems will help you.Refuse your health points through  gems and astrals.Although they give great battle rating they will not help you on player versus enviroment on the game.Do not underestimate resilience as well,gives you the ability to fast react on damage the enemy can cause.Is important you have great attack also and there is valid reason since the dragon armor activates.Let's have a look on how the divinity punishment damage is calculated .


     Divinity punishment is the skill your armor gives you .Is available only once in battle.

           Consumes all combo points to attack enemies six times.Each time deals :


          (20 +combo point ) per cent  x character's attack + awakening extra damage + points level 

           awakening extra damage.


 Analyzing this we see why is important the attack of your character.The greater the attack the better the percentage calculated along with the combo point.In order to get combo point you need cast skills,more turns you resist means more combo point so better damage from the divinity punishment.

Awaken extra damage is affected by your awakening points.You gain awakening points by evolving your armor through awakening crystals.Awakening crystals are available through the armor dungeon along with armor shards.Notice that armor shards drop only once ,the first time you complete the checkpoint,after this the blitz will provide you with  awaken crystals.You will notice that awakening crystals also drop in different places in the game.

The points level are affected by the level of your armor.Every new armor you unlock gives you more points level.As a result when you will unlock all six armors you will have the max level points of awakening extra damage .


        Remember that divinity punishment attacks six times the enemy and not six times all enemies.                           

        Meaning we talk about a massive attack but not for an aoe (area of affect ) skill.

        Do not hurry  use it as soon as is awaken since can be lethal with more combo points.


  This is the active skill your amor has, but has also many passive skills which unlock gradually as you upgrade your armor stages and unlock armors.Max armor stage is level 50 and max awakening points are 16000.You can find armor skill scrolls on honor shop.You can get one per day by exhanging  500 honor.Purchase is limited to one every day so don't forget to purchase it daily if you target upgrade the passive armor skills.

   Choose which one you will upgrade because you need a lot of skill scrolls and is a nice task.

 -Violence:chance to ignore enemy's defence

 -Volcanic flame:chance to deal equal to a percentage of enemy's current health on each attack (does not apply on bosses )

 -Destroy earth:chance to kill the enemy whose health points are below 20 per cent on each attack(does not apply on bosses)

 -God punishment:chance to stun the enemy on each attack.Lasts two rounds.

 -Majesty:10 per cent chance to deal certain number per  the actual damage

 -Divine grace:each level increases the maximun number of combo point.

 All the above passive skills work on awaken stage of your armor.


  Dragons and armors are independent ,means you do not need the earth dragon for example in order to activate the earth armor.With an exception of armor souls which upgrade each armor stats separately,rest evolution system of your armor is the same.And of course since all of them share same stats,does not affect your stats which one you will mount.


Armor souls are available on events,time chests,exchange shop,lucky shop and lucky wheel.

After you get the last stage of your armor you can always use your awaken crystals to feed your pet.





  The twelve signs of  the zodiac with their bronze,silver and gold quality astrolabe were created to help you further with awaken points and overall stats!


 On level 51 you will be able unlock the astrolabe system.Allows you to boost your stats and gain awakening points which make your armor even more powerful.You can find astrolabe equipment chests on stellar trial dungeon,player versus enviroment.Open the trial dungeon interface to find it.

There are fifty floors which means, if you exceed fifty rounds of fighting the enemies, the battle will finish automatically.You can select maximum six heroes and assign them on line A and line B.Only two heroes can be in the battle with you.As soon as they get injured the next wave of heroes in backup will replace them based on the line you assigned them.Once all friendly units in formation are defeated the battle will end.Every five floors you clear, you will be able to collect astrolabe chests.You can blitz daily the stellar trial dungeon, after you claim at least the first five floors.


  The signs of the zodiac upgrade  through divine stardust.When you get an astrolabe piece which has been activated ,the game transforms it in divine stardust.Each level grants you health points,attack and defence.But each astrolabe with their different quality and the six slots for the equipment gives extra stats.


  -Bronze quality part 1 : 200 attack and 200 defence,silver quality gives double:400 attack and 400 defence,gold quality gives triple:800 attack and 800 defence.

  -Bronze quality  part 2: 300 critical rate and 300 resilience ,silver quality gives double:600 critical rate and 600 resilience ,gold quality gives double the silver stats:1200 critical rate and 1200 resilience.

  -Bronze quality  part 3: 300 pierce and 300 block rate,silver quality gives double:600 pierce and 600 block rate ,gold quality gives double the silver stats :1200 pierce and 1200 block rate.

  -Bronze quality part 4: 200 attack and 200 defence,silver quality gives double:200 attack and 200 defence,gold quality gives triple:800 attack and 800 defence.

  -Bronze quality part 5: 300 critical rate and 300 resilience ,silver quality gives double:600 critical rate and 600 resilience ,gold quality gives double the silver stats:1200 critical rate and 1200 resilience.

  -Bronze quality part 6: 300 pierce and 300 block rate,silver quality gives double:600 pierce and 600 block rate ,gold quality gives double the silver stats :1200 pierce and 1200 block rate.


   Collect them all in order to activate the set stats.Equip 2,4 or 6 astrolabe parts to get them.


Set stats

  -Bronze quality :2 pieces give 800 health points ,4 pieces give 1600 health points,6 pieces give 2400 health points and 125 awakening points

  -Silver quality :2 pieces give 1600 health points,4 pieces give 3200 health points ,6 pieces give 4800 health points and 250 awakening points

  -Gold quality :2 pieces give 3200 health points,4 pieces give 6400 health points,6 pieces give 9600 health points and 500 awakening points.


  All signs have same type of stats and same upgrade system but the point stats they give depend from the single parts you collect for each astrolabe and of course from their level.You can keep your divine stardust and upgrade one single sign ,maybe the one where you have collected more astrolabe parts or you can give same levels to your signs upgrading them one by one.The choice is always yours .


 Choose an armor and choose your destiny ...